Thursday, November 26, 2015

***Sunday's practice 11/29 is extended***

Happy Thanksgiving Families!

I thank you for allowing your child to share their talents and their time with our choir as we serve in this music ministry!

A few things:

  1. Our Sunday's practice has been extended to 11:30am -12:30pm since the Friday (11/27) practice is cancelled.  
  2. Please don't forget to mark your calendars that Next Sunday, 12/6, we are scheduled to sing for the "St. Nick" event in the parish hall.  Call time is 10:40am in my classroom. Attire for this event is anything Christmas festive.  Children may wear santa hats/ head bands or festive shirts.  If your child has a white shirt (long or shirt sleeve), I will try to provide them with a (reindeer) iron on by Friday, 12/4.  
  3. We will begin using the "Journeysongs" books this Sunday.  If you haven't done so yet, please submit payment on Sunday.  $ 20 purchase / $ 10 rental (one time fee).  We will no longer be using the "Breaking Bread" books. 
  4. Please have your child review Sunday's 11/29 songs, they are posted on the right of this page.

Any questions, you may contact me at

God Bless You and your families.
You are in our prayers.

Ms Ramos and Kuya

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tomorrow's Mass 11:30

Just a reminder, tomorrow's mass is at 11:30 AM. Our call time is 10:30 AM in room 4.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

****Mark Your Calendars for November, December, January ****

Hello choir,

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming additions or changes to dates:

* Sunday, November 15, 11:30am mass - Call time is 10:30 in room 4
* Friday, November 27, day after Thanksgiving, practice cancelled
Rest of November Schedule is at regular schedule

December (Choir practice schedule still the same, unless noted)
* Sunday, December 6, 11- 11:30am -  SMA choir / HS Choir to sing for SMA's St. Nick's Christmas celebration in Parish Hall.  Practice at 12 noon for Mass at 1pm
* Saturday, December 12, (time is tentative, possible 12pm) HS Choir sing for Christmas Party
* Sunday, December 13, 7am Mass only, call time is 6:30am in choir loft.
* Sunday, December 18 , (tentative date for Simbang Gabi Mass)
* Sunday, December 20, Regular schedule, 12 noon practice for 1pm mass
* Sunday, December 24, 4pm mass, Call time - 2:45pm in choir loft (Christmas Season Attire - Best)
* Friday, December 25, Christmas Day - No Practice
* Sunday, December 27, Regular Schedule, 12 noon practice for 1 pm mass.

No choir practice on Friday, January 1, New Years Day
* Sunday, January 3, practice at 12 noon
HS Christmas party TBD before Epiphany.

Friday, October 30, 2015

HS Meeting after mass 11/2/2015

Dear choir members,
Please have your parents visit our choir loft right after mass on Sunday, November 2, 2015, we will have a meeting regarding choir books and future schedule.

God Bless You!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

***New Choir Books for all St. Michael's Music Ministry***

Hello Choir/Parents, 

St. Michael will be subscribing to different music books and missalettes.  Currently our church subscribes yearly to a set of books.  Our choir members obtain a "Breaking Bread" book that has the Sunday summary readings and songs that we sing for our Liturgies.  In the pews of the church, the congregation is able to read the readings from "Today's Missal" and music from the "Music Issue".  

For St. Michael to cut costs in book subscriptions, they will be purchasing hardbound Choral books for choir and Hymnals for congregations.  These "Journeysongs" come with a cost that effect all choirs.  Choir members will be required to either pay for a book rental of $10 or a purchase of $ 20 per member.  Payments are due by November 20, 2015.  

Mrs. San Pedro, the Music Ministry coordinator, will be speaking to our choir after one of our Masses during the beginning of November. I will inform you asap when I find out what exact day she will be meeting with us so that you all have a chance to voice any questions/concerns.

HS Calendar