Friday, September 8, 2017

* Mark Your Calendars * September upcoming events

Hi Choir,

Please mark your choir for the following changes to our schedule:

  • Sunday, September 17, 10AM Mass ONLY.  Call time is 9am in my classroom.  
  • Saturday, September 30, 10AM performance at Mater Dei Annual Bazar.  Performance will be with many Children's choirs in South Bay. Call Time is 9:30 (Schedule could change).  

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Today's practice in the Parish Hall 9/3/17

Good morning choir,

Today's practice is held in the Parish Hall.  All classrooms on campus has been sprayed wth pesticides.

Also, Kuya and I will be out this weekend.  I'm on a doctor's leave till Thursday.  We will resume regular practice on Friday, September 8 at 4pm in the Choir Loft.  Meanwhile, Ms. Chans will be substituting for me today.  I have confidence that you will show her your best effort in contributing to our ministry.  Thank you.

Mrs. Quinn

Friday, September 1, 2017

HS Practice Cancelled September 1 Only

Hello Choir,

Our September 1 Choir practice has been cancelled.

Our Call time for Sunday is 11:45 AM in my classroom.  See you then.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Practice today at 4pm / Call time on Sunday 12:30 in Choir Loft

Hello choir,

Here a few announcements for this weekend and next weekend.

Practice today will be regular schedule 4pm - 5pm in the loft.
Call time on Sunday, August 6 is 12:30 in the Choir Loft.  No practice at 12 noon in my classroom.
(Ms. Chans will be my substitute for this weekend please be accommodating for us.)

Assignments and rules for Sunday 8/6/2017:

Slide Operator: Zachary(if Frida is available she will be assigned to help)
Cantor: Isabella 
Sunday, writing songs on the board: Korina, Samantha, & Natalie
Companion book/ other music sheet distribution before mass:  Niko / Tristan
Holy Water Font refill if needed: Diego
Music Stands/ Mic Stand placement as a semi circle around the piano (5 microphones - depending on attendance): Diego and Laurel
Prayer Leader (10 mins before mass/ after mass): Zuriel

Same placement/ position as last week for every choir member around each microphone.  If they were not there last week, have Frida or Laurel assign them to a spot.
All phones to be placed on the piano prior to mass.  Focus on the Mass please.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Practice Today at 4pm - July 28, 2017

Hello Choir,

Hope you were able to rest during our last couple weeks.  We sure did.

This is a picture from the Lincoln Memorial on our last night at Washington DC.  

Just a reminder, we will have practice today at 4pm to serve for the Sunday, 1pm Mass.  See you later today.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

First Friday Practice / Mass July 7 ~~ Regular Sunday Schedule July 8

Hello Everyone,

This is a reminder that we will have our regular practice and serve for mass tomorrow, 6/7/17.

Schedule is as follows:
4-5pm - Practice in choir loft
5-6:30 - Pizza and drinks in classroom
6:30 -    Prep for mass
7-8pm - Mass
8-8:50 - Holy Hour

If your child is helping our choir out for First Friday mass / Holy Hour prayer service, please let me know.


Our Sunday mass is regularly scheduled.
12noon practice in classroom
1pm mass

Thank you for your support and for allowing your child to help serve our choir.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Hello choir,

Here are a few notes for the month of July, please mark your calendars.

Sunday, July 2 - 12pm call time for practice
Friday, July 7 - 4-5pm practice in the choir loft
  • 5pm - 6pm - dinner break with choir
  • 6pm - 8:30pm - set up church / serve for First Friday Mass / Holy Hour
Sunday, July 9 - Mr. Mark Villas from St. Mary's will substitute for our choir
Monday, July 10 - July 27 Vacation
Friday, July 28 - Practice for mass
Sunday, July 30 - Call Time 12 noon in Room 1

* Mark Your Calendars * September upcoming events

Hi Choir, Please mark your choir for the following changes to our schedule: Sunday, September 17, 10AM Mass ONLY.  Call time is 9am in...